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Terri - successful job search candidate!

Success Stories

She came to our Agency with no job, no money and just a little bit of hope to get help and find the perfect job.  She was looking for “some or any job”.   Monica Delgado, Job Placement Assistant/Case Manager relates the story of what happened next:

I (Monica) asked Terri, What kind of job are you looking for? She said with tears in her eyes: “Anything: Nanny, Housekeeper, Office Clerk”. I am always telling our clients that there is a Big Difference between “a Job” and “any kind of Job”.

I really believe that you have to find your own path by following your heart. “Any kind or anything I can do” will not define what you really want to do in this life ”
You have to follow your dreams. So, I asked her,  What is your ideal Job? She said, “I haved worked in the Construction Market. I have been looking, but there is nothing I can do in that Market. I don’t believe that I can do what I use to do.”

I told Terri that she had to believe in herself and try to find what she loves to do. She really loves to work in the design field. So, I made a Resume for a Showroom Designer, not for a person looking to do “anything”. She has lots of experience as a showroom designer.

The next visit with me, we applied for a few jobs in that field.  I suggested that she take a few resumes to the place too! Surprise! SHE GOT THE JOB AS A SHOWROOM DESIGNER in less than a month!

It is so exciting to participate in a clients success!  Let’s all follow our dreams and let’s do what we love to do!  When you really like what you are doing – it shows!

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