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Here is what some of our clients are saying about our services! Oasis helps families get back on their feet.




The Mabel Story Comes Full Circle

Mabel came to Oasis 5 years ago as a client. Today she is the Assistant Executive Director and the Women Center Coordinator helping countless other women to get back on their feet.

A picture of determination

Mabel as a client-a picture of determination

When Mabel and her two children showed up at Oasis she was a divorcee, the victim of domestic abuse, down to her last dollar.  Team Oasis was able to provide food, clothing, prayer and hope immediately to this desperate family. On March 2012, Mabel applied for a job at the Oasis Women Center. “We had a very competitive process, but Mabel was clearly the most outstanding candidate,” states Susan Warmington, Executive Director.

Today Mabel is responsible for teaching our IFFF  (Investing in your future, finance and finishing) in Spanish each week. She is also the creative designer of all marketing materials and e-newsletters that Oasis distributes. Most recently Oasis received a generous grant in the amount of $15,000 from Amtrust Bank in support of Mabel’s salary for a calendar year.

Here is what Mabel has to say in her own words: ”

Three and a half years ago I got the opportunity to start working as the Women Center Coordinator at Oasis Compassion Agency.  Since I had once received help from Oasis as a client, I asked God to bless me with the courage, strength and wisdom to enable me to help at least one person at Oasis in a way that I had been helped.  My actual words were: God, let me touch the soul of a woman in the same way that Oasis had touched my soul when I needed it most.

I know now that I have truly been blessed.  My position as the Women Center Coordinator has allowed me to be in contact with women who arrive at the doors of Oasis under the same conditions that I was under just four years ago, with broken wings and so absorbed by situations they were caught up in that they could not see their way along the road.  After spending some time in the Oasis program and participating in some of the support classes, these same women are seen smiling for the first time in a long time, and are then able to leave some of their problems behind them, creating a bloom and shine in their own light.  It is a wonderful gift that helps me to understand that God has a purpose for me with these women, and that I have become a meaningful part of the Oasis mission to the community.”


Mabel receiving grant from Amtrust Bank to help toward her annual salary.

Mabel receiving a grant from Amtrust Bank in support of her annual salary.

Mabel as the Women Center Coordinator

Mabel as the Women Center Coordinator